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up windows and a car with a shattered window. one man would not show his identity. >> when kids get into it on one side of town, it comes on our side. we don't need it. >> i don't understand how the violence is coming here. i think it need to stop. >> reporter: no one was injured in the shooting but four people were taken into custody. two are known members of a gang called the taliban. officers found marijuana and several loaded weapons. >> they recovered a nine millimeter handgun and two assault guns. one had a hundred round clip. >> reporter: about a week and a half ago, they were involved in a shooting that happened outside this home. four men were in the yard when two cars pulled up and shot at them. four people were injured. some people fear for their
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safety. >> reporter: it is scary. life threatening. all four suspects from this morning's shooting are facing numerous charges. police ask if you know anything about this to give them a call. live in menlo park. and more details on the taliban gang. the gang was originally the enforcement arm of another gang. the name apparently came from a hip hop record label and not the international terrorist organization. but investigators say gang members like the name because they stay it scares people. police are asking for the public's help to locate a missing 11 year old boy. he was last seen friday on east market street. he goes by the name ren and is five feet tall. 80 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. he was last seen wearing a long sleeve yellow shirt and blue sweat pants, he was supposed to spend the night at a friend's home friday night but never
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arrived there. they say his father didn't report him missing until 9:00 last night. the california highway patrol is investigating a possible case of road rage after one driver opened fire on another. it happened shortly before noon today near greenwood court and greenwood drive. the officers say the drivers got out of their vehicles and argued. one pulled out a gun and shot the other. the victim is in stable condition tonight and is expected to survive. the shooter ran away and still has not been found. a 21 year old man from union city is dead after a woman discovered him in a garbage can over the weekend. police say joseph gonzalez perez was found unconscious yesterday by a woman taking out her trash. she called 9-1-1 but gonzalez- perez died at the hospital. today his family is searching for answers. >> he didn't deserve to be put in a trash can.
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he is not garbage. >> police say he had alcohol in his system and there were no obvious signs of trauma to his body. there is word tonight a marine from san jose was shot and killed by police in palm springs over the weekend. the coroner's office has not released his name. family members identify him as 22 year old alan d. vienna il. there was an altercation and two officers opened fire, fearing for their lives and the people around them. the marine was based at camp pendleton. a crime alert was issued following a rash of burglaries. a dozen were reported in october alone. the burglars knock on the door looking for empty homes in the middle of the day, residents should lock doors when leaving, even if only for a short time. the highway patrol says --
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alcohol is to blame for a car driving through a guardrail that fell about 25 feet on westbound interstate 8 o. the suv landed on its roof. the driver and passenger only suffered minor injuries. authorities say the driver is a 20 year old man from concord. he was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk delivering. governor brown says the federal government needs to back off as states make their own laws when it comes to legalizing marijuana. we are live in oakland where those are welcome words for people in the medical marijuana industry that are worried about getting arrested. ken. >> reporter: right now, we are just outside oakland's harbor side health center, a medical marijuana dispensary. they are trying to stay open. they take hope from an historic election day. >> reporter: the modern look of this lobby, this is a medical
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marijuana dispensary with a relaxed feel. it has been a rough year. >> none of the staff know when we come to work whether we are going home or going to prison. >> reporter: this man is in a battle with the federal government to stay open despite complying with the medical marijuana laws. governor brown has now weighed in. >> i say it is time for the justice department to recognize the sovereignty of the states. >> this comes on the heels of voters voting to legalize obama. >> president obama received 50,000 less votes than amendment 64. that should send a message this is a mainstream issue. they need to get board with the will of the voters. >> the national can i bass industry association say all marijuana cases should be frozen. he hopes the election should comment change. >> if they care about the will
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of the voters and their own political future they will back off. >> i hope that the medical can i bass collectives in california with language on. >> marijuana advocates do not expect california voters to be able to weigh in on legalization until 2016. governor brown says he will not bring up the issue of legalization, citing abuses in california's current system. thousands of ballots are being counted around the state. check on where the eelectric results stands for races and measures where you live. the nation paused today to remember the service and sacrifice of the men and women in uniform. many face challenges when they return from combat. today, homeless veterans were honored with homes built to meet their needs.
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we are live in san francisco where we went inside with one of the vets who now has a place to call home. david. >> reporter: frank, that is right. on this veterans day holiday we followed servicemen and women as they prepared to move into a new home. jesse lee is moving in his new home after life on the streets. >> reporter: you have been homeless ten years? >> yes. i feel like crying. >> reporter: he is one of 75 servicemen set to move into veterans commons in san francisco's debos friday ankle. the building was developed by chinatown community center. it has a medical clinic and wheelchair floors. this floor offers him a view of his past. >> see that there? i used to sleep under the freeway there. that's why i would like to have this room. >> reporter: veterans pay a
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third of their income for rent. the rest is subsidized by the department of housing and urban development. >> they are on lists through the veterans' administration. they are part of that homeless group whether or not are unable to get their feet on the ground and need affordable housing. >> reporter: for jesse lee it is a place for him to stay grounded as he continues his recovery. >> i have a sense of security now. i know where i am sleeping at. i have a place here. and i love it. >> reporter: an upcoming report is expected to show that there are 15,000 fewer homeless veterans than three years ago. part of a national push to end homelessness among vets by the year 2015. reporting live in san francisco, david stephenson. and coming up at 6:15.
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a look at the republic -- remembrance for veterans that gave their live in service. news chop err 2 is over highway 4 in antioch. a truck and car crashed in the west bound lanes. officers say the honda civic is trapped under the semi truck. the truck caught fire. one person is hurt and transported to the hospital. but is expected to survive. right now the semi truck, as you saw, has been removed and pulled to the side of the road. most of the wreckage is cleared, but traffic as you can see from that backup there is still very slow through this part of highway 4 here in the antioch area. chevron is reportedly not planning to increase oil production following repairs to its fire damaged refinery in richmond. chevron filed papers last week stag it plans to repair, not replace, its existing equipment involved in that devastating august fire. that means chevron will not be
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required to adopt more advanced pollution reducing equipment. they did say it plans to voluntarily cut air pollution emissions and replace about one- third of the facilities leaky valves and fittings. with the shopping season fast approaching a local chain has resumed negotiations with striking workers. they are in the second week of picketing at knob hill foods. it is part of a larger strike of raley's stores. they hope the upcoming holiday will put pressure on company leadership. >> if they want to sell turkeys during the holidays, we can settle. there is enough time to have a successful season. >> raley's says the customer count is close to normal. neither side will comment on negotiations. the federal trade commission is putting pressure on google to get them to
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settle. they are the subject of an ftc investigation. the agency is looking into whether they are abusing its position as the most popular search engine on the internet. they could face a lawsuit within weeks if the company does not comply with investigators. a group of california state university students is asking the board of trustee's to reconsider a proposed fee hike. the board is considering a proposal to increase fees for students that already have enough credits to graduate, take more than a full-time load, or those that repeat courses. it is an effort to push them to graduate faster. students that are against the idea say it would punish people who have to quit a class because of job pressure or those that switch majors. forces are skittish and neighbors are nervous. is someone targeting horses in the north bay? we go inside a famous piece of the san francisco sky line. the changes to these murals that some say strip away the
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legacy of coit tower. >> we'll see more rain and more dual. we'll put it together back here in a few minutes.
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. families paid their respects at the state capital on veterans day. the civil war memorial features trees that are native to states that took part in the civil war. people left flowers, flags, and other things to show appreciation. state leaders are asking us to remember veterans in need of help. california is home to approximately two million veterans, 10% served in iraq or afghanistan. >> many are coming back and looking for assistance to find
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a job, find a place to live. they don't want to go back with mom and dad. they want to get on their own two feet. >> they say help is available to vets in most counties. the challenge is in locating veterans and letting them know that help is available. a newly elected councilman is being treated for meningitis. gary belle won the election, but fell ill. his condition worsened and he was back in the hospital. reports say he is getting specialized treatment in the intensive care unit. investigators in the north bay are looking for a gunman that has been targeting a horse. new at 6:00, we are live in sonoma county, where many horse owners are worried about their animals. christian. >> reporter: horse are a common sight here along bennett valley road. this evening i spoke with some horse owners that say it seems
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that somebody targeted at least one horse. they hope there's will not be next. >> come here, girl. >> reporter: lisa's horses are like family, last sunday, returning from a trail ride. investigators stopped her and told her what happened and were looking for witnesses. >> animal control pulled in at the same time. they asked if we had heard any gunshots. we said no, we had not heard anything. he said it was around 9:00, 9:30, and i was home. so i didn't hear any gunshot. >> reporter: investigators say a 17 year old horse named delta fox was killed in this pasture, shot to death with a high power rifle. the horse made it back to the stable before collapsing. now neighbors are worried the gunman can return. >> our pasture is right next to there's. our horses were friends with theirs. now it worries us. we hope ours are not next. >> reporter: shortly after the
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shooting they flew a helicopter overhead and looked for the gunman and combed pastures looking for evidence. meanwhile, neighbors are looking for peace of mind. >> cat owners and dog owners, it is close to your heart when you lose an animal. especially in a situation like this. >> reporter: compounding the mystery is that the whole area around bennett valley road is a valley. neighbors say they can hear when someone fires a gun. but people we talked to in the area say at the time of the shooting they did not hear a shot. investigators are looking for the public's help in generating leads. live in so nona county. decedent's of the coit family met at the landmark to see the renovations. the coit family and relatives of the artist that created the famous frescoes met today at the tower. they took the crew upstairs to
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show us a section that was closed since 1960. some of the murals showed communist images and were controversial at the time. crews are repairing leaks in the proof to prevent damage. >> today is the end of wild fire season in the bay area. hundreds of seasonal firefighters are heading home. this is the time of year when staffing and equipment drops off shortly for fire stations. the declaration means a shift in resources toward urban structure fires. they still have about 100 permanent staff in the bay area and can mobilize in case of a major fire or weather related disaster. we had a nice looking day today out there. temperatures warmed up a few degrees. showers in northern california. that is it, though, they are not coming this far south. we have a dry radar for the time being. then things change around as you get into wednesday, thursday, and friday, the clouds increase, these are the
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highs from today. 63 in napa, a little warmer tomorrow and into wednesday, temperatures friend down, more clouds. not as cold the next couple mornings, if you are waking up with frost on the windshield, you will find it. most of us will be dealing with temperatures in the low 40s. there will be some mid 30s and cooler spots on the north bay. there is a system to the north. high pressure setting us up, but not more long. the low pressure that is south will work its way in the forecast wednesday night into thursday. tomorrow, like today, but warmer. wednesday, like today, but warmer. thursday, not at all like today. clouds will increase, showers by thursday night into friday morning. forecast, overnight low, again, around napa, you will get 38 and frost, but most of us will linger in the mid 40s and upper 40s. it is cool when you send the kids of to school.
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the rain stays north. first thing you notice is everything is close to us. the cloud cover, the activity, the pacific is lighting up. so what will happen on thursday and friday is going to set the road for what is coming for the weekend and what is coming next week. things are changing around in the atmosphere. that is all day tomorrow, that is all day wednesday. now watch what happens. the flow changes and it all comes in. that is thursday. that is the leading edge of the next rain event. thursday into friday, friday looks wet. the forecast high tomorrows, nice, the next couple days are nice. enjoy them. you may want to think about cleaning gutters and doing things like that. none of the storms appear to be giant. with a couple warm days it might be a good time to do it. here is the five day forecast. we have stuff here for thursday, friday, maybe sunday, and maybe again as we get right into the holiday week.
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i will feels more like -- it feels like november. >> yes. the former home of apple cofounder steve wozniak is on the market. it has 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a pool, and is on an acre of land. he had a pet hotel in the house when he lived there. coming up on news at 7:00. bakery workers draw the line, even though their livelihood is at stake. >> generations of americans grew up on twinkeys and hohos. >> with flu season ramping up questions about the effectiveness of the treatment. join us at 7:00. a rare tie game for the
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49ers. head coach jim harbaugh assesses the performance of alex smith's replacement. . [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. mary gshe also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive . a community meeting is scheduled this week to discuss the proposed extension of the
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stephens creek trail in the south bay. the proposed plan would extend the trail into cooper tino. that is supposed to be at 7:00 in -- this boy has been found safe and sound. he was supposed to spend the night at a friend's house and did not show up. we learned he has been found and is safe and sound. that is good news. mark joins us with more on that rare tie game with the 49ers. first time since 1986? >> yes, way back when. hayes not happened in the nfl since 2008. so both the rams and 49ers feel like they lost. strange ballgame. sloppy, but other concerns besides the fact they didn't win. how about alex smith, first half on a run, play didn't go well at all in any way, shape or form. he gets hit, he did play
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briefly after that, but left shortly afterwards with a concussion. enter colin kaepernick for his longest stint since entering the league. had 117 yards and a touchdown on his wheels. couch harbaugh assessing his young second year quarterback. >> there are a lot of positives. this is a situation he never came into in an nfl game, behind, come in and be asked to move the team, score points, and contribute to winning the game. that was a new experience for him. i thought he handled himself well. >> a little surprise, phil jackson is not the next coach of the lakers, shows you the power kobe bryant has. mike d'antoni is the new guy. he coached kobe when he was a
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kid. kobe wore his number, 8, when he played in italy. he played in the italian league. that is a match that works out well. mike trout is the rookie of the year in the american league, bryce harper in the national league. that is the sporting life. right now, volunteers are amassing an army to send supplies to the east coast. tonight the relief effort underway right now in pleasant hills. and thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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